Our People

  • All Staff are SC+S employees; we do not use contractors
  • BP/SC+S staff averages almost 30 years’ experience in the industry
  • Expertise in many specialty areas such as SBA, Leveraged Lending and Factoring

Our Quality

  • High Quality Loan Review services well regarded by Regulators and Auditors
  • Accurate assessments of risk and credit administration functions
  • Detailed work papers with superior Executive Summary to Management and Board

Our Services

  • Proprietary software allows for integrated work papers and enhanced reporting
  • Consistently meets agreed upon delivery dates and budgets
  • Ability to customize reviews to meet Client needs

Information Security

  • Corporate wide commitment to information security
  • Robust systems and controls
  • Rigorous testing and auditing
  • “Clean” SSAE 16 SOC 1 audits

How We Can Help


As part of its comprehensive range of risk management services, BP/SC+S provides a team of dedicated, experienced lending and regulatory professionals to perform or support your internal loan review process, including complete outsourcing or working with the client in a co-sourcing arrangement. BP/SC+S has structured its loan review programs to fully meet the regulatory expectations as outlined in the December 2006 inter-agency guidance on the ALLL. BP/SC+S can complete the reviews on-site if required, or can work off-site with appropriate access to the electronic files.

For community and midsized institutions, where it generally is not cost-effective to maintain the necessary in-house expertise to perform the mandated loan review process internally, BP/SC+S offers a complete third-party loan review function, providing objective, thorough, in-depth analysis including assessing credit quality, evaluating credit administration processes, assessing risk rating accuracy, and testing credit and collateral documentation. For larger institutions, where maintaining an internal loan review function is more typical, BP/SC+S serves as a valuable source of specialized expertise in reviewing specific types of credit products or loans to industries that present particular risk profiles, such as Leveraged Lending and other specialty finance areas such as Factoring, where internal resources may not have experience. Additionally, we work with internal loan review departments to assist them in meeting their annual plans when the scope of the plan increases or the institution does not have the capacity to complete the reviews in a timely manner.

BP/SC+S strives to exceed expectations for all of our clients by thoroughly assessing risk rating accuracy and going a step further to evaluate the credit administration process, underwriting and approval processes. BP/SC+S evaluates lending policies, approved policy exception trends, provides valuable peer comparison data, and recommends best practices for your institution to consider. We also provide a very cost effective stress testing method that has been well received by the regulatory agencies. We tailor our process and end product to suit your needs.

Our Services

Loan Review

Our Loan Review programs are designed to meet the requirements for an effective Loan Review Program as detailed in Attachment 1 to the Interagency Policy Statement on the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses dated December, 2006. Whether fully out-sourced or co-sourced to assist your internal Loan Review, we can custom tailor a Loan Review program to meet your institutions’ needs.

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Commercial Loan Stress Testing

We have developed a cost effective stress test methodology which captures interest rate, revenue reduction, and industry/collateral type risk in a stress test scenario. The results are used to create a migration analysis to apply these findings in a “bottoms-up“ approach to ascertain the pro-forma impact of the stress scenario on Asset Quality, ALLL, Earnings and Capital.

ALLL Methodology Review

We can review your ALLL and lending policies and procedures to assess how closely the process and analytical product meet regulatory requirements and how the Client’s quarterly analysis aligns with its policies. We also make recommendations regarding the policies and procedures to improve the ALLL product and provide the Client with perspective on best practices.

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Real Estate Appraisal Reviews

We have an experienced team to provide timely, cost effective review of residential and commercial appraisals in a manner consistent with interagency requirements.

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Acquisition Due Diligence

We provide due diligence services which involve institutions that may look to make acquisitions, complete reverse due diligence if considering a merger, or may want due diligence performed on a specific loan portfolio in conjunction with acquiring loan pools for diversification and yield.

Credit Policy Review and Development

We can assist in reviewing your credit policies to ensure the Policy is up-to-date with Regulatory changes and industry best practices and recommend revisions to meet the Clients specific needs.

Specialized Lending Reviews

More Community Banks are offering specialized types of lending which may be originated in-house or be participations in transactions which may have specific underwriting and portfolio administration requirements. Our review team has experience with a wide array of specialized loan products such as ABL, Factoring, Leveraged Lending, SBA, USDA, and student loans, and we can provide specialized reviews which address the risk characteristics of the targeted portfolios.

Contract Underwriting

Many financial institutions maintain a core credit staff but may require supplemental support in conjunction with increased lending demand, underwriting a specialized lending product, a backlog of credit reviews, or for ongoing loan review support. We have experienced review staff who can step in and provide underwriting and loan review services.

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ALLL Consulting

After developing ALLL Policies and Procedures at multiple institutions, and working with many Clients on ALLL related matters, we have significant experience that can be applied to assist your institution. Whether it is an update to your Policy, or the development and implementation of an entire ALLL practice to assist with removing a Regulatory order, we have the experience to assist your institution.

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CECL Implementation

Whether you’re interested in a complete CECL implementation or just need select resources to get across the finish line, we will help you identify and implement solutions specific to your company’s needs and scope—at every step of the process!

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